Anxieties of a First Time Father

I was outside on the lawn when my wife came to me with tears in her eyes and said “Honey, we are having a baby”, I was overjoyed and I remember we laughed and hugged.

From then on I began to prepare to meet logistical needs and that become a source of worry because I wanted my  child to have it all from inception. Financial security was core to me and only one question was on my mind “Will I be able to protect and provide for my family?”

However, in the midst of my worries I neglected the emotional needs and attention that my wife required. It is then that I realized that despite my worries my wife was having a hard time too.

A very prevalent duty husbands discuss is listening to their wife, but this duty is often referred to with a negative tone.  Dads recognize this as critical to being a good husband, but many do not particularly relish the task.

Looking back now I’m just tickled to death to be a father and to have a daughter because I have learnt that  indeed a father has to be strong in ways he hadn’t counted on before. He has to provide both financial and emotional support: His partner will need his help because she’ll be undergoing dramatic physical and emotional shifts, and he has to be ready for her to lean on him.



  1. Mary says:

    Good read. Its nice to get a father’s perspective

  2. bupe says:

    Thanks Mary. You are the very first person to comment on it. I appreciate it.

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