Is Your Child Bright or Gifted?

“Is my child gifted?” This is a question that so many Parents including me often wonder at one point or another.  I have seen traits of my child being smart. But is she gifted or bright? Because of my inquisitiveness, I decided to see a psychologist and inquire.

When I entered his office a colleague of his had brought his kid for private testing. The boy, Ted was in the third grade and the father was getting concerned with Ted’s anti-social behavior and lack of concentration in class despite having excellent grades at school.  The father was contemplating home schooling because Ted did not want to go to school anymore.He would rather be alone than in class.

According to the psychologist, Ted’s IQ Test results when measured proved that his IQ measured in the in the Exceptionally Gifted range. His problems at school were typical for such children. Had he been identified earlier and placed in an alternative program, social problems might have been avoided.

He went on to say while the distinction may seem trivial; there are clear differences between gifted children and bright children. Distinguishing between a gifted child and bright child is important, as they have different academic needs..
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Many are the times when both teachers and parents tend to get confused, while differentiating between a bright child and gifted child. In many instances where teachers have been asked to pick the gifted children in their class, they most likely pick the ones that are presumed bright. For them, bright children are a real treat to teach.

How would you know?
The follow up question to him from me was “how would one know whether the child is gifted or bright?” He then began to elaborate. 

Language Skills

While most children are able to form sentences and understand complex language by about two years of age, gifted children often reach this stage earlier. As they approach school age, other language skills may appear advanced or sophisticated. Some traits of gifted children are a highly developed vocabulary and the ability to learn new words easily, the tendency to speak quickly.

Early reading, if given some instruction and opportunity. Many gifted children have already learned how to read before entering school. Continually asking questions about what they see and hear, and wanting to receive thorough responses and explanations.The ability to change in different languages when faced with different audience.

Behavioral Traits

Most often gifted children are often more emotionally intense than others. They can also be more sensitive to others’ feelings and circumstances and may display a great deal of empathy in situations where others their age appear indifferent.


Identifying whether a child is gifted can be tricky, particularly regarding those who test right. And IQ tests are certainly imperfect instruments and only one piece of the puzzle.

Since that visit the key takeout for me was not so much that I take my child for testing so that I know there IQ status but that I should just create a conducive environment her to succeed and be the best pillar of support that I can probably be. This is my personal opinion and I am sure so many parents and guardians alike may have a different view.




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